What's it all about

Struqture is a small web tool I built to viualize the overall composition and structure of a DNA sequence. A struqture plot shows not only the relative frequency of the different nucleotides in a DNA sequence, but also gives some insight into the actual sequence itself. The line width of the connections between the nucleotides shows the relative frequency of the different dinucleotides, making it easier to spot certain types of repeats without having to actually read the whole sequence (who does that?).

Screenshot of the struqture web page.

Bend it like Bezier

More than the visualization in itself, which was honestly mostly inspired by the thought that it would look nice, developing the tool was a good exercise in creating Bezier curves in d3.js. It turned out to be a bit more complex than I thought and required some tinkering with control points, but I'm quite happy with the result. Check out my blog post for some more technical details!